Welcome to the Collecting the 20th Century Website

    In 1997 Conrad Biernaki and Susan Scott decided to collaborate and create an event for people interested in twentieth century art and design. Many of the things created over the last century have been wildly unique and intriguing, often following the lines of technology (think of Bakelite -- check our Bakelite section).

    There are many fascinating areas to collect, from chintz china to Stickley furniture. It's always easy to find something that you'd like to collect. It's much harder to collect wisely and profitably. To be a smart collector you have to do some research and find out about your passion. With Collecting the 20th Century, we are trying to bring some of our knowledge, and the knowledge of our speakers and other experts, to you. You might like to check out the section on Keith Murray or Susie Cooper so that you know what you are looking at next time you head out to an antique show.

    Hopefully you can find something of use on our site or a link to a page that can help you. If you are an avid collector and have some knowledge you are willing to share, you could submit something to be added to our site. We are always on the look out for unusual 20th Century images and for articles or websites on collecting and collectibles.

    If you have any questions about our 2002 symposium please email us at susan@collecting20thcentury.com  


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