Why do people collect Antiques?

Collecting things appears to be something resembling a human instinct. People are almost natural hoarders and collecting all manner of items has been a common pastime for many individuals of almost every culture for a very long time. The innate desire to amass and to enjoy objects as well as too make money from them was what prompted many of today's collectors to begin antique collecting as a hobby.

Firstly, collecting antiques provides a wonderful opportunity to interact with history and to learn about it and there are few other pastimes that have such an enriching component. Not only is antique collecting a pleasurable way to spend one's spare time but the necessity to delve into the past causes one to develop a far deeper appreciation of history and the peoples who populated those older eras. Moreover, as a consequence of collecting antiques one gains a priceless knowledge of one's forefathers and ancestors that can be gained through no other hobby of which I am aware.

Secondly, collecting antiques offers a wonderful opportunity for financial gain meaning that the hobby is, in many ways, its own reward and over the years thousands of antique collectors have reaped significant profits as a result of their hobby.

Knowledgeable collectors will look for both overlooked items of great value and also seek out under priced collectibles in order to realize the highest financial gain and for many of the hobby's participants the quest to "buy low and sell high" is one of the most enjoyable aspects of their involvement.

Thirdly, collecting antiques offers is an ongoing pastime because no collection is ever really complete and there is always something else that can be added and therefore the process rather than the end is what brings joy.

So whether you have decided to collect antiques with the intention of making money, getting in touch with your past or simply because of the beauty of the objects, be assured that it is something capable of bringing great pleasure and rewards and I wish you well with it.

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