Is it Antique and is it Worth Anything

To Throw Out Or To Keep, That Is Question?

It happens to pretty much everyone at some time, you decide to do a major clean up of your house or apartment and you have to decide what to throw out and what to keep. Some things are easy because they have sentimental value whilst others you know are junk but how do you know what to do about the items that you’re unsure about?

How many tea services, lace cloths and glasses do you really need?

Even many so called ‘antiques’ go in and out of fashion and at the moment ‘minimalist’ is in vogue and items that need a lot of cleaning and polishing like copper, brass, silver and silver plated items are unpopular especially with the younger generation.

Small And Beautiful

So right now, small beautiful pieces are in demand and you will easily get very good prices for antique sewing items like silver thimbles, old needle holders, silk winders, buttons and even wooden cotton reels and pin cushions.

Drinking Related Items

Old cork screws, bottle openers, wine and spirit labels, champagne taps, spirit measures and the jugs that were used in pubs for adding water to a glass of whisky.

And Smoking Accessories Too

Although politically incorrect, smoking accessories like old silver Vesta cases, cigar cutters and interesting cigarette lighters are easily sold at relatively high prices.

Sporting, Writing Implements And Toys

Old fountain pens and pencils might be valuable as will all kinds of sporting memorabilia and a feather filled golf ball recently sold for £6,000.00. Old golf clubs, tennis rackets, snooker cues and balls are all also highly sought after. Tin toys, lead soldiers, marbles (a Victorian one sold for £1000), Star Wars and James Bond related paraphernalia will bring you some easy cash.

Clean carefully and you might clean up!

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