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A Look At Antique American Furniture
In the mid 1600s a carpenter by the name of Thomas Mulninert made the first piece of furniture in the USA – or so the story goes...
Pale But Still Lovely! Glazed And Still Beautiful!
Antique china dolls are among some of the most popular collectible items.
Collect Things That You Like And You Should Make Money!
I love and want to start collecting antiques but don't know what to collect. Should I start with an eye to making money or merely having a hobby?
Muscle Power And Gecko Glue
The sticking ability of geckos and mussels have finally been combined to create a glue that works on both wet and dry surfaces...
Is it Antique and is it Worth Anything
Your going to clean house and don't know what to keep and what to throw out?! Is it junk or is it worth money?
Making Sense of Confusing Furniture Terms
You might know your elbow from your arm but do you know your chifforobe from your chiffonier! Come take a peek now and we'll explain a little of the basic antique terminology...
The Collectors And Their Collections. Part Three.
Part 3 of our three part article, The Collectors And Their Collections. In this part we will look at the history or collecting from the distant past up until today...
The Collectors And Their Collections. Part Two.
Part 2 of our three part article, The Collectors And Their Collections. In this part we will look at why people collect and also take a look at some of the financial aspects.
The Collectors And Their Collections. Part One.
The what's and whys and what's in it for me' of collecting. A three part article that examines what and why people collect things that are not antiques and also looks at how to evaluate them and finally at how to buy and sell them.
Faberge was a Russian
What, Faberge was a Russian? Yes, and he was also the most famous court jeweller in history and produced many works of art other than his famous "eggs"...
Louis Comfort Tiffany - Artist and Businessman
Come learn about Louis C. Tiffany and discover why his windows, vases and lamps were so different and are so special...
Paperweights - A Light-Hearted Way To Start Collecting
Collecting paperweights can be a fun, interesting and inexpensive way to enter the world of collecting antiques. Come learn about them now...
Thomas Chippendale - The Legend
Some facts and background on probably the most famous name in antique furniture - Thomas Chippendale. His influence and his work...
Why do people collect Antiques?
Collecting things appears to be almost an instinct and not only certain birds and squirrels do it. So come find out now what prompts people to collect and to preserve antiques...
Useful Tips For Cleaning Antique Jewellery
Learn how to clean your antique jewellery, precious metals, stones and jewels without damaging them. Learn how to store them and what you need to do that will help to get them back if they are ever stolen...

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