Taking Tea with Clarice - Len Griffin
Clarice Cliff - The Art of Bizarre - Len Griffin


Len Griffin

    Len Griffin is the recognized expert on Clarice Cliff and in 1982 founded the Clarice Cliff Collectors' Club for fellow devotees. He has already written books on the subject, including Clarice Cliff: the Bizarre Affair (with Louis and Susan Meisel), and for Pavilion Taking Tea with Clarice. He now lectures and organizes lectures around the world.
Len has the first book on Keith Murray coming out sometime in the year 2000.

Len's currently released books are available in our bookstore.

        The images from the Clarice Cliff lecture
        The images from the Keith Murray lecture

    For more information on Keith Murray please see:
        The Keith Murray Article
        The Keith Murray Images

    For information on Clarice Cliff please see:
        Susan Scott's article on Clarice Cliff
        The Clarice Cliff Images

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