Lalique Glass

Lalique Glass Timeline

1860 Rene Jules Lalique born in Ay, Marne, France
1872 wins first design award at the Lychee Turgot in Paris at age 12
1876 apprentices for Louis Aucoc, a leading Paris Jeweller
1877 attends Sydenham Art College in London and beomes aware of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement
1882 becomes a freelance designer for several top jewellery houses in Paris
1886 establishes his own jewellery workshop soon employing about 30 artisans
1890s is recognized as one of France's foremost Art Nouveau jewellery designers; creates innovative pieces for Samuel Bing's new Paris shop, La Maison de l'Art Nouveau; is patronized by Sarah Bernhardt
1907 receives a commision from Francois Coty to design perfume bottles
1908 establishes a factory in Combs-la-Ville, outside of Paris, to mass produce high-quality, reasonably-priced mould-blown glass (closed in 1937)
1912 exhibit at Societe des Artistes Decoratifs receives immediate approval
1918 opens larger factory in Wingen-sur-Moder, Alsace-Lorraine
1921 adopts press moulding; provides extravagant decorative glass fittings for the luxury liner Paris, the Ile de France (1927) and the Normandie (1935)
1925 receives considerable acclaim at the Exposition Internationele des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris
1945 Lalique dies at 85; his son Marc, takes over the 600-employee company; he doubles amount of lead oxide for clearer brighter glass
1977 Marc Lalique (b. 1900) dies at 77; his daughter, Marie-Claude (b. 1935), becomes the company's new art director

Collectors' Club

Lalique Collectors Society and magazine Lalique, 400 Veterans Blvd., Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072


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