Howard Collinson

Howard Collinson    After finishing a Ph.D. in Art History on 16th-century German painting in 1986, Howard became curator of the Royal Ontario Museum's collection of Prints and Drawings related to the history of design. He has curated 18 exhibitions, including: Psychedelic: San Francisco Posters of the 60s, Truth and Beauty: Neo-classicism in the Deocrative Arts, Sante: The Real Thing at the ROM, and Documenting Design: Works on Paper from the European Collections of the Royal Ontario Museum. From 1996 to 1998 he was Head of the ROM's Department of Western Art and Culture and is the Mona Campbell Curator of Decorative Arts. Howard was the ROM curator for the exhibition, A Grand Design: The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum (June 21 to September 13, 1998). Since 1992 he has been Head of the ROM's Institute of Contemporary Culture where he has presented many exhibitons, including: The Sacred Earth, Theo Dimson: Graphic Designer, Watching TV: Historic Televisons and Memorabilia from the MZTV Museum, and most recently, Lost Sense: An Installation by Catherine Widgery.

The Psychedelic Poster Section


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