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Chintz China Timeline

1700s chintes (a colourful cotton fabric made in India, printed with exotic flowers and birds) is very fashionable in Europe
1800s decorative printing techniques on ceramics improve and potters produce designs inspired by these fabrics
1913 Grimwades is the first pottery in the 20th century to produce chintz patterns (these early designs have large and widely spaced flowers)
1920s A.G. Richardson makes vivid chintzes such as Florida and Blue Chintz that are very popular in the United States
1928 Grimwades' Marguerite (with small and densely packed flowers) is considered the first "modern" chintz pattern by collectors today
1930s Royal Winton intorduces new chintz designs every year at the British Industries Fair and exports vast amounts to North America, Australia and New Zealand
1930s Elijah Cotton (Lord Nelson Ware), James Kent and other companies produce many chintz patterns to compete with Grimwades
1940s World War II greatly reduces the production of decorated ware
1950s a colour-starved market dramatically boosts chintz sales (Royal Winton issues 15 new patterns in one year!)
1960s modern Scandinavian and American design prevail, and chintz production gradually dies out

Collectors' Clubs

Chintz Chatline (Free) at

Royal Winton International Collectors' Club, Dancer's End, Northall, England LU6 2EU, E-mail:

Royal Winton Collectors' Club (Australia), 2 Karella Road, Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia NSW 2153


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Moran, Kelly, Shelley Chintz, Thaxted Cottage Publishers, Maryland, 2000
Scott, Susan, The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Chintz, Third Edition, Charlton Press, Toronto, Ontario 1999(fourth edition due out 2002)
Welch, JoAnne, Chintz Ceramics, Schiffer Books Second Edition 1998
Chintz Collectors Handbook, Francis Joseph Publications, London, England, 1999

Some of these books are available in our bookstore.

For more chintz information check out Susan's chintz article and our chintz images.


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