Charliene Felts

    Charliene has lived in Florida all her life. She began to appreciate good design in the 1960s when first working as a seamstress. Her interest in fabrin and patterns inevitably led to a large collection of vintage textiles. Over the years, Charliene has outfitted actors at the Ringling's Asolo State Theater and contributed to numerous set designs at Orlando's MGM Studios.
    For the past 15 years, Charliene has searched the world for wonderful pieces of bakelite. She is considered one of the major bakelite collectors in the United States and her phone rings constantly with calls from other dealers and collectors from coast to coast and abroad. A recent book, The Best of Bakelite and Other Plastic Jewellery (see the bibliography in the Bakelite section), draws heavily on Charliene's extensive knowledge and vast collection. Her Sarasota shop, Creative Collections, is more popularly known as "Bakelite Haven" to the hundreds of collectors who come every year to meet Charliene (a.k.a. "The Bakelite Queen") and to admire her enormous inventory of brightly coloured plastic. She frequently lectures in Florida and has been featured in many U.S. magazines and newspapers. This was her first visit to Canada.

The Bakelite Section


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