Carlton Ware

Carlton Ware Timeline

1890 Wiltshaw & Robinson establish their pottery, the Copeland Street Works, in Stoke, Staffordshire
1894 "Carlton Ware" is adopted as the firm's product name; blue transferprinted and blush earthenware are produced
1916 James. F. Wiltshaw dies, his son, Frederick C. Wiltshaw, takes over
1920s new lustrous range is introduced in 12 colours
1927 "Carlton Ware" and "Carlton China" script trademarks are introduced
1930s floral embossed ware is introduced
1958 company is renamed Carlton Ware Ltd.
1967 Frederick C. Wiltshaw dies, Arthur Wood & Son purchases the firm
1970s "Walking Ware" is introduced
1987 business is bought by Country Potteries who go into receivership in 1989
1990 Carlton Ware is relaunched
1992 Grosvenor Ceramics no longer produces Carlton Ware
1997 Frank Salmon of Francis Joseph Publishers purchases Carlton Ware name and introduces a limited edition Carlton Girl series with the first figure, "Hollyhocks"
1997 Bairstow Manor Pottery purchases old Carlton Ware moulds and reproduces novelty teapots from the 1980s and 90s with a Carlton Ware backstamp licensed by Frank Salmon
1998 Bairstow Manor reproduces 1940s child figures at The Carlton Kids

Collectors' Club

Carlton Ware Collectors International and magazine The Carlton Times, Helen and Keith Martin, P.O. Box 161, Sevenoaks, Kent, England, TN15 6GA
Canadian contact: Ian Harwood and Jerry Wilson, P.O. Box 22138, Bankers Hall, Calgary, Alberta T2P 4J5  e-mail:


Judy Spours, Art Deco Tablewares, Rizzoli, New York, 1988
Collecting Carlton Ware, Francis Joseph, London, 1994
Howard and Pat Watson, Collecting Art Deco Ceramics, Francis Joseph, London, 1997


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