Great Northern International Antiques

Fri 31st Aug - Sun 2nd Sept 2007
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Designed by Andrea Branzi

Place: The Tingo Design Gallery - Via Volta, 18 Milan
When: October 19th - November 17th

PORTALI is a collection of 18 pieces of white pottery, intended as if they were small equal surroundings - yet, in each of these portals a different vase, or tree trunk is arranged.

Therefore, it is conceived as a series of micro-spaces, which create an architectural blossoming landscape - more than a collection of vases, PORTALI looks like an environmental project, the persistence of a simple thought that is renewed in time and space, like metrics or a stave.

I think that one of the tasks of design is being able to enrich the world not just with useless ornaments, but with self-sufficient spaces, micro-places devoted to what may seem unnecessary but absolutely necessary to give a sense to everything, such as the space for flowers and for the sacred objects of the lay civilizations.

More info: here

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